a simple story of a man and his rug

I suppose it would have been easier to just provide a link.  But the article’s just too good.


Dylan Dog

My name is Dog … Dylan Dog!

For the past 21 years, the “Horror Investigator” from Italy has been disemboweling monsters, breaking hearts, and raking in the Lires/Euros … for the past six years also in German language. Thomas Froehlich attempts to get to the bottom of the fascination emanating from the lanky detective – and enters the twilight zone.

Homer, the Bible and Dylan Dog are so great, I can read them every day!
(Umberto Eco)

Death and the Devil!
(Dylan Dog’s trademark curse)

Prologue: A chilling visit to the Sinema of Horror

Date: 1994. Location: Vienna. More precisely, the Italian Cultural Institute on Ungargasse, 3rd district. Every now and then they have movie screenings here; mostly artistically valuable, socio-critical classics, or at the very least family-friendly flicks in their…

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